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UK Road Signs Practice

Test your knowledge of the UK Highway Code road signs test, revised for 2023. This study test will help you learn the highway code road signs and traffic signals, as it includes all road signs questions from the DVSA revision question bank. Each question includes helpful explanatory text, to ensure that you understand the material.

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United Kingdom UKDVSA Sample Test Questions

The double white line along the centre of the road is unbroken on your side. When may you cross the line?
  • To overtake any maintenance vehicle in front
  • To overtake a pedal cycle travelling at 10 mph or less
  • To check it's safe to overtake the vehicle in front
  • To overtake a driver travelling at 20 mph or less
What colour follows the green signal at a puffin crossing?
  • Steady red
  • Flashing amber
  • Steady amber
  • Flashing green
What does this sign mean?
  • Road flooded
  • Risk of punctures
  • Loose chippings
  • Uneven surface
What does this sign mean?
  • Service area 30 miles ahead
  • Maximum speed 30 mph
  • Minimum speed 30 mph
  • Lay-by 30 miles ahead
What does this sign mean?
  • Buses only
  • Bus lane
  • No buses
  • Bus stop